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Benedict Biden

I believe Joe Biden hates our U.S. Constitution so much that he goes out of his way to make sure none of his decisions are constitutional. I believe most of his executive orders were not legal and his order to forgive the student loans for thousands of people has unconstitutional written all over it. Thank God it is going to the Supreme court.

This forgiveness program is a slap in the face for all those who have worked diligently for years to pay back their debt. It’s also a slap in the face to all the taxpayers whose lap this debt is intended to fall on. Biden is not doing this out of a kind heart-he does not have one. He’s doing this for votes.

In the first ten months of his administration, he signed 63 executive orders, 37 presidential memorandums, 122 proclamations, and 23 notices-none that were lawfully passed via congress. He simply proclaimed edicts as if he were a king. He has as much loyalty to the American people as he does to the constitution, which is none. The U.S. Constitution is the cornerstone of western civilization. We have a civic responsibility to oppose whatever threatens to destroy it. Not only should we be able to preserve the treasures we have inherited from western civilization, but restore them to even more excellent value.

Benedict Biden doesn’t care about America and its citizens or all the blood he has on his hands from the border debacle in Afghanistan. A man with no conscience has probably sold his soul. He is no leader but is a follower and water carrier for world government. He is a true enemy to our nation.

– Kim Olson

Soulless Administration

It’s quite obvious that our Constitutional Republic was swept under the rug along with the constitution and the rule of law and replaced with “mob rule” aka Democracy. This made it easy to have an administration that mirrors organized crime. It made it easy to get away with irregularities in both the mid-terms and the 2020 elections, and easy for the president and his son to make back-door deals with China and Ukraine. It was easy to make unconstitutional mandates regarding vaccines and needlessly close thousands of businesses. It was easy to give billions to Ukraine with the money we need right here and let our national debt grow even more unsustainable. It was easy to pass a bill costing 1.7 trillion we need that’s chock full of wasteful spending. It’s easy to let dangerous criminals, terrorists, and illegal aliens roam the streets of America while they are trying to ban our guns so we cannot protect ourselves.

 This is a soulless administration, ignorant of God, decency, biblical boundaries, and gratitude for a country that has blessed us so much. Mathew 5:5 states, “God blesses those who are hungry and thirsty for justice, for they will receive it in full” That day is coming!

 MAGA supporters, parents who speak out at school-board meetings, pro-life activists, Christians, and even veterans are fast becoming enemies of the state in the eyes of our own government for simply exercising constitutional and in some cases God-given rights. They feel no shame for their part in destroying this country and neither does the mainstream media. They feel no remorse when they are caught up in all this hatred for America that they cannot even distinguish right from wrong or evil from good.

This administration has been infiltrated by the woke mob along with other radical groups. It’s no wonder many of us fear our own government. This is why Democracies always self-destruct without fail and this one is clearly coming close because too many of our representatives have become loose cannons who get what they want by any means possible. It’s a criminal mentality.

  • Kim Olson

Our Leadership

  • All the malfeasance in our governments leadership is beyond words and I’ve never been this concerned about our kids and grandchildren as I am now.   
  • What kind of leader would rather buy oil from another country when we have an abundance in our own country?
    What kind of leader would turn control of our healthcare policy over the World Health Organization when you consider the U.N. medical agency’s long-running de-population agenda?
  • What kind of leader would allow globalists to hi-jack our sovereignty and freedoms for tyranny under a U.N. charter which is his plan so America would be a cog in the New World Order? His words, not mine. 
  • What kind of leader would invite millions of illegal aliens to cross our border without due process? Open borders are a tool of Marxists. You can overthrow society itself by massive immigration. Our  leaders policies are taking America in the direction of national suicide. I do not think he is much of a leader considering his only true followers are Marxists. 
  • What kind of a leader would state ‘-no amendment to the constitution is absolute’? He wants our guns and has no concern for the U.S. Constitution or the rule of law. The first amendment was destroyed under his tenure with the help of the pandemic   His traits and policies mirror those of a traitor.   
  • What kind of a leader would raid the home of a former president, call half the country fascist and extremists, tell us we have to pay the debt of someone else then hire 87,000 IRS  agents to harass us?
  • He also wants U.N. control of humanity through wealth redistribution and shutting down western power grids in the name of climate-change.   He has been a cheerleader for World Government his entire political career and he is very dangerous and corrupt will stop at nothing to achieve his sick agenda. He spews more hatred than anyone in government and that says a lot and I say this very emphatically with no reservations. He needs to be out of the White House and into the Big House Soon!
  • Kim Olson

Jan. 6th Select House Committee

The January 6 select house committee reminds me of a kangaroo court in a banana republic or witches at a black mass. They voted to send a criminal referral to the D.O.J. concerning Donald Trump in  an alleged role in sparking the capitol incursion on Jan 6 2021. It’s another waste of time and money because people on both sides of the aisle believe the criminal referral isn’t worth the paper it was written on.

Michael Tarcey, a left leaning writer wrote a lengthy tweet about why he believes the referral isn’t what many believe it to be. He states “It carries as much legal weight as a letter written in magic marker by Bozo the Clown.” It has no basis at all in any statute or house rule. They made up a word document with a serious sounding name. In reality, no such power exists and that’s why Nancy Pelosi’s committee including Liz Chaney invented this “informal” (fake) power. 

This entire last two years have been nothing but gaffs, misinformation, lies, hypocrisy, criminal activity, and censorship, not to mention a continuance of bearing false witness against Donald Trump.

There is a movement against the freedoms of the American people led by a conspiracy to place us under the control of a one-world government controlled by the United Nations and Joe Biden has played a key role in this new world order his entire political life. 

This border debacle is no accident. It’s part of his plan to bring America to its knees. His anti-American policies make him a traitor in the eyes of many and his shady dealings with Ukraine and China  may make him a criminal. Evidence is easy to find and even his best supporters are turning on him.

Donald Trump, whom I believe has divine protection and will succeed in taking this country back and stop the carnage, is his biggest threat. Under the present leadership, the best we can hope for is Armageddon.

I urge everyone to consider the future of our kids and grandchildren when we vote. It’s our responsibility to preserve our freedoms and prosperity for them. Please vote for someone who will actually serve us and keep us free.

December 28th,2022

Kim Olson

Climate Change

For decades the climate crowd has distorted the evidence to make their points. For example, the late climate scientist, Dr. Steven  Schneider admitted this statement, “so we have to offer up some scary scenarios, make simplified dramatic statements and little mention of any doubts one might have”. So it seems much of what is reported about climate change is driven by a political agenda rather than science. 1,100 scientists and professionals downgraded the propaganda and claimed  that there is no climate emergency.

Climate Intelligence (CLINTEL) disparaged scientists and politicians who have been promoting unsubstantial alarms about weather extremes. 1.152 signatures of this view were aired by CLINTEL and come from 15 separate countries.

Climate change is far less frightening than we’ve  been told by the mainstream news and the United Nations and not one of Al Gore’s  predictions has ever come true.   Climate Change should be last on the list of the issues confronting America. Our broken border, out of control spending, inflation and the moral decay of our society need a lot more attention than playing God with our climate.

It’s another ploy to divide us and open up the gates of  Hell even more.   Global warming and carbon dioxide brings climate change that  have many benefits such as longer growing seasons, less frost and make land more suitable for crop production. The climate solution that the progressives seek does more harm than good and will cost trillions with no gain. Just ask Australia who scraped their attempts for that reason.   If it was truly about the climate, they would not have to lie, distort and manipulate their data.

 Climate change  is a ” false crisis” designed to win support for U.N control over the worlds industry and to limit every ones ‘freedom to travel by only public transportation. V

 Climate change  is a “false crisis” designed to win support for U.N control over the worlds industry and to limit every ones ‘freedom to travel by only public transportation. Climate change is a ” false crisis” designed to win support for U.N control over the worlds industry and to limit every ones ‘freedom to travel’ by only public transportation.

  • Kim Olson

Saving America

In order to fix this broken country, we need to start holding those accountable who are raising havoc with our justice system, financial system, healthcare system and every level of our government including our elections and educational institutions.   

We have a vice president who encourages violence when her audience doesn’t get what they want in the courts. She demonstrated this during her July 22, 2022 speech at the National  Urban League annual conference when she stated, “You’ve got to fight in the courts, but you also got to fight it in the streets.”

The mass media typically ignored her inflammatory and immature remarks.  We also have an F.B.I. who downplays and protects the likes of Hunter Biden and the Clintons among others.

We have a president who encourages illegal entry into our country by the millions He is an embarrassment to America.  We have an Attorney  General who does nothing. The nations mass media refuses to help the American people understand what is happening to their country. It  does not help to have a congress who do not uphold the U.S. Constitution all too frequently. They swore to uphold it. 

To fix this country we need to throw democracy out the window and bring back our Constitutional Republic. We need to get us out of the United Nations and N.A.T.O so we are not involved in foreign entanglements like the Ukraine.   This once Christian nation has fallen to the political correctness of Atheism and dark lifestyles. The Bible is clearly against this moral-freefall. It is forced upon our youth and what is left of a decent America. It should be a crime.   Only making America Christian again can save America.   

  • Kim Olson

Comprehensive Sex Education

I never thought I would have to write something like this

Kim Olson

Liberal educators in our schools have been polluting  the minds of our children with aggressive and age-inappropriate sex indoctrination. In this ”anything goes” culture, children are taught about adult-child sex, transgender, LGBT issues and other activities that are molded into their minds and many of these topics are even too much for high schoolers let alone the very young. This (CSE) Comprehensive Sex Education is introduced through the Common Core Standards.

You may not think that this vile garbage will come to your town, but if these liberals can get this stuff in anywhere, they can get it in everywhere.   Diane Douglas, the former state school superintendent of Arizona argues that this (CSE) crowd believes “Christian ideas and values are outdated. Scripture and church fathers clearly state that education should be God centered and that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” – yet God is banned in government schools.

Guess who fills the void? Satan loves immorality. It is perilous to place our kids under the tutelage of state schools who are hostile toward the Christian faith and morals. In Mathew, Jesus gave a grave warning to those who hurt the” little ones.”  Kids are being groomed into extreme sexual immorality. The tactics used to groom these kids mirror those of sex traffickers.

Academic standards are dropping in the U.S. and there is a decline in the social, moral and spiritual aspects of their lives. It is intentional and many parents are unaware. Parents-get involved!

Visit for more information

– Kim Olson

United Nations

There are many reasons to get this country out of the United Nations. They have no credibility at all and have always been a threat to American  sovereignty  and always failed when it really counted.  It’s nothing more than a refuge for dictators, despots and other undesirable members who hate America.

U.S. representative Mike Rogers, a conservative republican from Alabama stated that “the U.N. has repeatedly proven to be  an utterly  useless organization”. The American Sovereignty Act (H.R.7806) would remove the U.N.s headquarters from U.S. soil and protect American troops from having to serve under U.N. command. Rep Mike Rogers is introducing the bill. One would have to be extremely ignorant or un-American not to want  this bill signed and enacted.

The globalists hate this bill because it would diminish all their power to rule the world.  It’s an organization of hypocrisy because its founding was meant to reaffirm fundamental human rights, but instead it has a growing hostility towards genuine human rights. The U.N.  high commissioner Michelle Bachelet has become nothing more than a puppet for the genocidal  Chinese Communist Party.   

America must decide whether to stay in this costly, useless endeavor. Liberation from the U.N. would end our free-fall into World government and save not only  the U.S., but the Western Civilization.   There is a groundswell in favor of getting us out and lawmakers will bend to the will of their constituents. If we care at all about our country and our families, we should contact our representatives.

  • Kim Olson

January 6, 2021

The mainstream media who built their  entire careers destroying innocent people and silencing dissent will not give their viewers a chance to weigh the evidence and differentiate what is true and what is propaganda. In order for an existing power to be overthrown, there must be much confusion and chaos perpetrated as was the case on January 6th, but it was not Trump or his supporters doing the perpetrating.   

In the documentary, Capitol Punishment, produced by Nick Searcy, there is abundant evidence that it was federal agents, undercover assets and leftist Antifa activists who orchestrated and led the assault on the Capitol. It was not a “White Supremist” attack which some claim. There were people from all races, creeds, and backgrounds and no one was armed during this entire debacle except the Capitol police and security. The radical left loves to accuse conservatives of what they are doing themselves. January 6th is a textbook example. It’s an old Saul Alinsky tactic. These accusations against Trump is just another “Bi-Partisan” hoax to discredit trump and his supporters.

The J6 committee was set up by Nancy Pelosi(Big surprise) who has the same amount of evidence she had during the Russian Collusion hoax which is -none.   If Trump was guilty of even one of the charges against him, he would have been arrested a long time ago. If these conspiracy theorists really believe he is guilty, why do they find it necessary to continually bear false witness and manufacture false evidence against this man.   We the people fear our own government more than anything else. That’s the definition of tyranny. We have zero trust in them and they don’t serve or protect us. They serve global pirates and many of them are guilty of treason. The future of America’s constitutional Republic depends on exposing the January 6th lies.

You can watch the Capital Punishment Documentary here:

  • Kim Olson

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Our Neglected Constitution

Why  are people that hate America holding high offices in our government? The framers of our U.S. Constitution meant it to prevent what is happening in our country today. There are enough members of the house who are open socialists and who support anti-Americanism that they can dominate their party. This would have never happened in a constitutional voting congress. Instead of interpreting as it would have been at the time it was written, our tactless federal government decides to redefine the clear language of the Constitution using  the “not a living document” argument.

In doing this we consequently have elected dictators  who ignore the Constitution and make their own rulebook. Any breach of our Constitution by elected officials puts another nail in the coffin of our founding document.   The establishment media has hidden their socialist wing for years but open socialists, along with an increasingly indoctrinated populace has exposed this revolution. It will destroy us from within.

Joe Biden and his puppet masters in the deep state are systematically bringing America to its knees. If  America falls, so will the rest of the free world.  The good news is that our Constitution is still intact and only needs to be enforced. The key is for “We the people” to hold our lawmakers accountable. Remind them that they work for us and to take their oath of office seriously. Please contact your representatives and demand they do their job.

– Kim Olson